What does your charm mean?

Each ChloBo jewellery design that carries a charm has a significant meaning. This concept allows you to wear pieces that tell your unique story and express who you are. ChloBo jewellery also makes the perfect gift, you can give a loved one a message through your chosen charm.

 Keep reading to discover what some of the most popular charms mean…

 Heart – the love we hold, whether that be for ourselves or a loved one.

Tassel – protection from negative energy.

Feather – connection to our spirits and guardian angels.

Rainbow – positivity with hope and light.

Guardian angel wing – a symbol of love, comfort, guidance and protection.

Hamsa hand – happiness, hope and strength.

Sunshine – harmony, growth and balance.

Evil eye – a shield from negativity, protection and good luck.

Lotus – strength, enlightenment and harmony.

Butterfly – embodies the motion of change and transformation.

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