Size Guide

Our Jewellery Size Guide will help you find the perfect fit for your jewellery, helping you ensure comfort, style, and wearability. This guide is designed to help you measure and determine the correct sizes for rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and earrings. Whether you're shopping for yourself or buying a gift, our easy-to-follow instructions, tips, and charts will make the process straightforward and accurate.

Necklace Guide

A guide to necklace lengths and what necklace to wear with what neckline.

A Guide to Necklace Lengths

Choker (35-40 cm): Fits tightly around the neck, suitable for high or open necklines. Pair with a choker and an off the shoulder.

Princess (45-50 cm): Falls just below the collarbone, ideal for crew necks, V-necks, and sweetheart necklines.

Matinee (50-65 cm): Sits at the top of the bust, perfect for both business and casual wear. Pair with a V neck or scoop neck for added elegance.

Opera (65-90 cm): Falls below the bust, great for high necklines or to layer with shorter necklaces. Pair with a high neck

Rope (90+ cm): Versatile length that can be doubled or knotted, works with evening wear or high necklines. Pair with a high neck.

Short Guide to Stacking Necklaces

Stacking necklaces is a stylish way to add depth and dimension to your look. Here’s a quick guide to getting the lengths right:

  1. Start with a Choker (35-40 cm): This sits snugly around your neck and serves as the base layer.
  2. Add a Princess Length (45-50 cm): This falls just below the collarbone and provides a nice contrast to the choker.
  3. Layer with a Matinee (50-65 cm): This length adds depth and sits at the top of the bust.
  4. Finish with an Opera Length (65-90 cm): For a dramatic and elongating effect, especially with higher necklines.

Earring Guide

A guide to earring sizes and how to find the right fit for your ear.

Guide to Earring Sizes

Stud Earrings:
Small (4-6 mm): Discreet and perfect for everyday wear.

Medium (6-8 mm): Subtle yet noticeable, suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Large (8-10 mm): Bold and eye-catching, ideal for making a statement.

Hoop Earrings
Small (10-20 mm): Classic and versatile, great for a subtle touch.

Medium (20-40 mm): Perfect for adding flair to your outfit.

Large (40-70 mm): Dramatic and trendy, perfect for special occasions.

Drop/Dangle Earrings:
Short (1-2 cm): Elegant and suitable for everyday wear.

Medium (2-4 cm): Adds a stylish touch to both casual and formal outfits.

Long (4+ cm): Statement pieces for evening wear or special events.

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