The brand-new collection from ChloBo

Introducing the brand-new collection ‘Stars Align’ from ChloBo. The collection includes a range of beautiful silver and gold bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Inspired by the founder Chloe Moss’ connection with finding inner peace and tranquillity when gazing into a dreamy night sky. The night sky allows us to reconnect ourselves to the universe while falling into a state of mindfulness and that’s what makes Stars Align so dreamy.

Here are our top picks from this stunning collection…

ChloBo Silver Moonbeam Hoops Earrings 

Wear your Moonbeam hoop earrings to embrace the energy of the moon. This detailed design represents purity, creativity, and wisdom. They will be sure to add a finishing touch to any look.

ChloBo Silver Wisdom & Guidance Set of 2 Bracelets

A set of 2 bracelets which offer protection from negative energy. The dainty star layering bracelet is the perfect combination for the tassel, which is crafted from sterling silver and a semi-precious stone Labradorite. The stone is believed to guide us through change and help us feel balanced. This set is also available in gold. 

ChloBo Gold Eternity Necklace

The Eternity Necklace offers effortless style. Handcrafted with gold plated 3mm corrugated rice beads, this necklace is super stylish and is perfect to be worn on its own or layered up with another necklace. The Celestial Wonderer Necklace makes the perfect pair.

You can view the full collection here.