Shaun Leane, the designer, the brand, the legend.

For years, Shaun Leane’s inspiring work has redefined the world of British jewellery design. His work fuses fine craftsmanship and traditional jewellery technique with modern design. He has created some of the most admired pieces in the jewellery industry and his brand is a four-time winner of the UK Jewellery Designer of the Year award.

Throughout the brands stunning jewellery collections, the Cherry Blossom, the Serpents Trace, the Quill and of course the iconic Hooks and Talon Earrings, we see a combination of art, fashion and craftsmanship. The legacy of his designs continue to be daring yet elegant, distinctive but with a sophisticated edge.

Shaun remains at the heart of his business, mentoring his team to ensure that his dedication and meticulous work is present in each piece. He has even worked and collaborated with fashion designer, Alexander Mcqueen. They brought the world of fashion and jewellery together via the catwalk making milestones in both industries.

Now, of course, you’d expect to see such sleek, high fashion designs on style icons. We can confirm that you will not be disappointed! Shaun Leane’s amazing pieces have been worn by celebrities like Cara Delevinge, Emma Waston, Meghan Markle and Dua Lipa. They have also been spotted on the big screen; Jodie Comer recently styled the infamous hook earrings whilst playing her terrific part in Killing Eve.

The excitement does not stop there. Shaun Leane himself worked with Edorado to design the perfect engagement ring for Princess Beatrice. Edorado proposed with the stunning platinum 3.5 carat diamond engagement ring in September 2019. When asked about the experience, Shaun Leane said ‘I am so honoured Edoardo chose to work with me to design the engagement ring for Princess Beatrice and to have been involved in this special moment in their lives. The bespoke experience was a beautiful journey; from imagining the design with Edoardo to the crafting of the finished rings. Being able to incorporate both Edoardo and Princess Beatrice’s characters into the design has resulted in a unique ring that represents their love and lives entwining.’

Amazing designs that are both celebrity worthy and royal worthy, we just know his pieces are soon to be at the top of your wish list. Check out Shaun Leane’s stunning designs here.