Meet the designer... Rachel Galley

Not only is Rachel Galley recognised for her contemporary silver jewellery and quality of design, but she is also an award-winning British designer. Rachel graduated from Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London with a First-Class Honours in Jewellery Design. Rachel has previously designed for Links of London, Stephen Webster and Boodles, she even turned down a job offer from Bulgari to pursue her dreams of designing her own range. She has won many awards including Walpole Brands Of Tomorrow, Catwalk Designer Of The Year, Goldsmiths Young Designer, Bridal Design Of The Year, Coutts Designer and that’s just to name a few!
Rachel has continued to create beautiful jewellery that stands the test of time, not only in quality but also in style, ensuring that it has that essential 'wow factor'. She focuses on jewellery that can be enjoyed and worn every day by everyone, suiting any budget and look. She loves the fact that her pieces make her customers feel energised and confident with an easy, timeless elegance.
Rachel opens up about her inspirations as she tells us “I am inspired by many things, it could be an emotion, the intricacies of how something is put together, the way a flower grows. I am always looking at how things are created and how the smallest detail on something could inspire a new range of jewellery.”
The stunning Molto range is Rachel Galley’s bestselling collection. These unique pieces were inspired by Rachel's travels to Turkey, where she was fascinated by the fabulous vibrancy and tactility of chillies drying in the heat of the sun. The textured collection of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets delivers drama and elegance with a lively feminine touch. The true beauty of the Molto collection lies in the elegant movement of the strands, the incredible light and motion make these pieces impossible to resist.
Not only is it the bestselling collection, it is also Rachel's favourite as she tells us “The movement, the intricacy of the strands and the way it plays with the light fascinates me. These pieces when you wear them bring them and you to life. Even wearing one of the pieces as a standalone piece with a casual outfit always gets a compliment and gets noticed. I don’t take the easy route in the production of the pieces, which in the end results in beautifully balanced pieces that have been really thought about, not just from a technical angle but from the way it looks and feels on the wearer.”
Another popular collection is the Lovelink range which features her signature latticework. The innovative, contemporary design allows the Lovelink jewellery to sparkle as the interlinking pieces reflect the light with understated sophistication.
We loved speaking to Rachel. It’s amazing to find the inspiration behind her famous jewellery collections.