Thomas Sabo Magic Leaves – inspired by the beauty of nature.

The sleek and sophisticated leaf style pieces from Thomas Sabo are both elegant and flattering to wear! Delicately designed necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are inspired by the beauty of nature.

These leaf accessories are said to awaken the memories of the flower power movement in the 1960s, where man and nature become one.  Leaf motifs are known to symbolise timeless beauty, fertility and growth, at Thomas Sabo leaves represent elegance, sophistication and naturalness.

These handcrafted designs are made up of fine filigree and precise structured shapes, lines and dots that imitate the foliage of nature. The sparking zirconia stones highlight the beauty of the design as they sparkle impressively in the light.

The Magic Leaves collection is part of the Magic Garden jewellery collection. These whimsical and wonderful creations come in 925 sterling silver and 18ct gold plated sterling silver, find your favourite pieces now!