Flowers that last forever

Are you looking for something pretty, unique and meaningful? You might think that might be a tall order but we have just that thing!

Daisy London’s Floriography collection is a range of necklaces inspired by the secret language of flowers. The beauty of nature is represented in this collection as each design has its own unique shape & meaning. The collection takes inspiration from traditional dried flower pressings and wax stamps giving them a modern twist. Each necklace design comes in 925 sterling silver or 18ct gold plated sterling silver.

Who doesn’t love flowers, whether they are gifted or bought as a treat to yourself? So, why not pick one that can be treasured forever?

 Forget Me Not

Taking its inspiration from the natural beauty of flowers, this oval shaped pendant shows Daisy London’s take on the wax stamp seal. Delicately decorated with etched Forget Me Not flowers, the pendant hangs from a dainty chain. A forever keepsake that symbolises devotion, remembrance & love, making it the perfect gift for that special someone.


A slim style pendant, engraved with a single Daisy flower hangs on a stylish Figaro chain. The Daisy represents innocence, simplicity and beginning. This necklace is a great staple to use when creating a layered look.


A gorgeous oval shaped pendant that is imprinted with detailed stems of lavender, hanging on a chic rope chain. The lavender is known to bring a sense of calm to the wearer whilst symbolising balance, serenity & elegance. Wear this necklace on a shorter length and stack it with the Wild Daisies necklace for the full look, if you want an extra layer, why not add a chain?

Birds Of Paradise

A hammered coin styled pendant engraved with the beautiful Birds of Paradise flower design. Taking its inspiration from the beauty of nature, this pendant represents optimism, freedom & joy. A great reminder that there are good things to come! The on-trend Figaro chain makes this piece great for layering but is also ideal for elevating a simple look.


A rose that lasts forever? The perfect romantic gift for that special someone! A rectangular shaped pendant is embossed with a pretty rose flower, hanging on a textured rope chain. The Rose Necklace represents passion, admiration & appreciation whilst inspiring its wearer to feel at their best and to reach their potential every day.

Wild Daisies

A square shaped pendant detailed with a bunch of wild daisy flowers is set on a detailed Figaro chain.  The perfect piece to elevate your look if you’re wearing a plain tee or a V cut top but also equally as amazing if you layer it with a simple chain. We guess we’ll leave you to decide?


Brighten up your life with the super sweet Sunflower from the Floriography collection. This necklace features an organic style oval shaped pendant that is decorated with a raised Sun Flower design. This gorgeous piece represents dedication, hope & adoration. Style it solo or layer it up with a simple chain for that perfect layered look.

We don’t know about you, but we are loving florals this season! The language behind Floriography was used to send messages to loved ones. This Daisy London collection is perfect for gifting to friends, family or of course, yourself!

Find the flower that fits best, which flower will you pick?