Birthstones, are bursting with colour and personality. The bright and beautiful gemstones are timeless and give meaning to your personality. Birthstone jewellery is a great way to express your identity by wearing your colour, they make great gifts for family, friends and loved ones. Find the perfect piece with a variety of birthstone charms, birthstone bracelets and necklaces from Thomas Sabo and Hot Diamonds.

Birthstone pieces make extra special gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations as each stone has its own sentiment, holding a certain significance to the wearer.

January’s Birthstone, Garnet

January’s birthstone, garnet, is a gorgeous deep red coloured stone that enhances the wearer's inner strength. Garnet is believed to promote strong relationships whilst signifying true friendships and trust, making January birthstone jewellery a great gift for a friend.

February Birthstone, Amethyst

Amethyst, the February birthstone is a purple coloured stone that promotes positivity, courage and stability. It is known to clear the mind whilst giving off a calming aura that boosts the wearer patience. The purple of the Amethyst stone in February birthstone jewellery will bring a pop of colour to your look.

March Birthstone, Aquamarine

The birthstone of March is Aquamarine, it enhances energy, strength and calm whilst promoting communication and clarity. The stone has a cool blue shade throughout and is often used for physical and mental balance, it is a great gift for someone lacking self-esteem. Find the perfect March birthstone gift here, whether you’re looking for a birthstone bracelet or birthstone charm we’ve got it all.

April Birthstone, Diamond

Aprils birthstone is shiny, sparkly and otherwise known as a girl’s best friend! The diamond, is the most precious and toughest gem in the world, making it an obvious symbol of strength, courage and of course everlasting love. Dazzle whilst wearing your birthstone, treat your loved one or yourself with our stunning range of diamond jewellery!

May Birthstone, Emerald

The Emerald is the birthstone for May, a royal green stone that symbolises love, abundance and good fortune. It is believed to grant the wearer foresight and youth, a perfect sentiment for birthstone jewellery. Want to add a subtle touch of meaning to your look with your birthstone charm? Shop our  Thomas Sabo birthstone charms.

June Birthstone, Pearl

June’s birthstone, the beautiful, shimmering pearl is a very special gem. The pearl has adorned the jewellery of royalty for years. Not only does pearl look beautiful it is believed to enhance the wearer's purity and imagination. Pearl jewellery has made a recent comeback to the scene and is now as chic as ever! Shop our gorgeous range of pearl jewellery for gifts for June birthdays  

July Birthstone, Ruby

The birthstone of July is a vibrant red coloured stone that represents love, health and wisdom. Wearing a ruby bestows good fortune on its owner, whilst guaranteeing health, wisdom, wealth and success in love. Find the perfect piece to express your identity with our July birthstone bracelets and charms.

August Birthstone, Peridot

The birthstone of August is Peridot. With its signature lime green colour, the peridot stone can grant the owner power, influence and magical properties. It is believed that peridot brings good luck to its wearer and helps attract wealth. Celebrate August birthdays with Peridot birthstone pieces from our brands Thomas Sabo, Hot Diamonds and Clogau.

September Birthstone, Sapphire

The Sapphire, a stunning deep blue coloured stone is the birthstone of September. Since the medieval era, the heavenly blue of the sapphire stone signified hope and faith, whilst bringing protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. A symbol of power and strength, the blue sapphire is believed to instil kindness and good judgement.                       

October Birthstone- Opal

Known as the Queen of gems and originating from the Latin word opulas, meaning ‘precious jewel’. The October birthstone symbolises faithfulness, confidence and love. If you’re looking for an October birthday gift with the perfect sentiment then check out our birthstone jewellery.

November Birthstone, Citrine

Citrine, the November birthstone, has a warm colour and is said to be a gift from the sun. It is known as the healing quartz that supports health and vitality whilst offering a calming and comforting aura. It is believed to boost the wearer's imagination and inspire fresh beginnings and success.

December Birthstone, Tanzanite

Tanzanite, the December birthstone brings wisdom, truth and dignity. It is widely known as a stone of judgment and grants the wearer a long fulfilling life. Tanzanite is a magnificent gemstone found in only one part of the world; Tanzania. Celebrate December birthdays with the rare Tanzanite birthstone, with birthstone jewellery from brands like Thomas Sabo.