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285 products

Daisy London Jewellery is a well-loved British brand that designs contemporary everyday jewellery for with meaning.  Daisy London’s collections capture a carefree essence, a love for life and adventure, offering an effortlessly stylish pieces with a perfected sense of fun and fashion. 

Daisy Jewellery tells a story along the way, each collection inspired by things we love and cherish.  Daisy London Jewellery is designed to be an everyday essential with that special touch. You can carry the carefree essence of Daisy with you wherever you are,  whether it's a festival, your favourite coffee shop or laying on a beach, there is something for every day of the week.

The brand uses responsibly sourced and ethically crafted materials, all jewellery is crafted from 100% recycled sterling silver.

Daisy is a female brand with Ruth Bewsey creative director at the helm of a female cast who pour their love into Daisy London, making it a brand that we can all resonate with.

Daisy London's Vita collection is inspired by the strength, beauty and resilience of the female spirit and body. The beautifully sculptured pieces in this collection represent empowerment, hope & life.

Daisy London bracelets from the Classic Daisy collection, Mococo stock the most popular Daisy Collections including Vita, Floriography, Stacked, Healing Stones, Halo and Good Karma. Make a statement with our beautiful Daisy London Rings , designed to sit together, combining silver and gold to make the perfect stack. At Mococo we offer a wide selection of Daisy London Earrings from stud earrings to drop and dangle earrings.