The Ultimate Jewellery Guide: ChloBo

It’s all about the accessories! ChloBo is great for adding a finishing touch to any outfit. Whether it’s to pop to your local supermarket or to go out with friends. This jewellery brand has been at the heart of fashion-lovers for quite a while now, with its bohemian inspired rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Founder Chloe Moss is always embarking on journeys across the globe to ensure ChloBo is always on-trend and super stylish.

Renowned for stacking bracelets, all ChloBo jewellery is made in the UK using 925 sterling silver or 18ct gold and rose gold plating, giving you a luxurious look and feel. All ChloBo pieces have been created to remain iconic and timeless, meaning they will remain fashionable.

Here is your guide to ChloBo jewellery…

How to stack your bracelets

Embrace the stacking! Each bracelet is perfectly designed to be stacked to express your personality. Choosing your metal doesn’t have to be difficult, silver, gold, rose gold or why not mix? Mixing metals is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Let your favourite bracelet act as the main focus, then start complementing the bracelet with various sizes and charms.

Choosing your rings

ChloBo rings are created with style at the forefront. They are something different and fantastically unique. Available in three sizes they are also made with stacking in mind. Each piece tells a story with its symbolic charm. Here are our favourite charms and their meanings, take these into consideration when choosing your next ring.

Peace – A symbol to bring peace and calmness within.

Moon – A feminine symbol which represents purity, creativity and wisdom.

Tassel – A protective charm to ward off negative energy.

Star – Worn as a symbol of hope and guidance.

Sun – A symbol of growth and spiritual maturity.

How to layer your necklaces

If you are wanting to create a layered necklace look, you must begin by mixing chains and lengths. The easiest way is to start with the longest chain and add complementing shorter ones. You could even experiment with mixing your metals to get the ultimate layered necklace finish.

How to make a statement with your earrings

If you have multiple ear piercings you can create some serious looks. You can showcase your ChloBo earrings by choosing a super stylish combination. Start by wearing a hoop in your first piercing as the focus, then gradually down-size in hoop, finishing with a stud. Now that is how to make a statement.